Our Mission

My Bow Buddy's mission is to build archery bow stand bow holders that equal the quality of the equipment they were made to hold.  My Bow Buddy bow stand bow holders were designed to protect your equipment, make your equipment accessible and minimize your movement.  Less motion equals more action...we keep your equipment close to minimize movement therefore more action to maximize your practice time and your hunting success.  Never lay that bow on the ground, never hold it in your lap and never let it swing in the wind again.  Let My Bow Buddy bow stand bow holders bring success to your hunt.


About Us

We are a husband and wife team that love to bow hunt.  We take our hunting success seriously.  Practicing is the start to all successful hunts.  We used to lay our bow and arrows on the ground while practicing.  This was crazy.  Archery equipment is not cheap.  Therefore the original My Bow Buddy Archer's Bow & Arrow Stand was designed.  We wanted a bow stand that was solid, one piece and virtually indestructible.  That is what you get when you own a My Bow Buddy Archer's Bow and Arrow Stand.  With that problem solved, we set out to design a bow stand bow holder for a crossbow or compound bow while hunting.  We previously used screw-in type tree hangers with little success while hunting whitetail - being busted when attempting to reach for the bow while deer were close.  Not to mention that using them could cause harm to the tree and was illegal in many areas.  The only alternative was to hold the bow on our lap.  This was tiring and distracting.  Out of this need came the Hang-On Buddy, the Hi-Profile Hang-On Buddy and the Double Drop-tine Crossbow Rack for hunting out of tree stands and ladder stands.  We also added the My Ground Buddy bow holder for use in tent blinds and ground hunting set-ups.  This new ground bow holder is designed to hold both compound bows and crossbows.  We hope that you find them as useful and essential to your hunting success as we do.